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Four Egg Prep Methods to Tempt Your Taste Buds

August 29, 2014 5:01 pm

If your usual breakfast consists of basic scrambled eggs, it may be time to switch things up a bit. There are a number of different ways to prepare eggs, and most of them are fairly simple. Here are four new ways to cook your morning eggs.

  1. Soft Boiled. Soft-boiled eggs are like a perfect combination of hard-boiled and over-easy eggs. The whites are firm, but the yolk is still deliciously runny. To cook an egg this way, simply boil the entire egg in water for just a few minutes. This egg tastes great on salads, in soups, or just paired with regular toast.
  2. Poached. To make a poached egg for your eggs Benedict, start by cracking an egg into a low pan of simmering water and letting it sit one minute. Loosen the egg from the bottom of the pan and cook for an additional three minutes for a soft, fluffy egg with a runny center.
  3. Egg Salad. You may have found egg salad unappealing as a child, but this simple recipe makes a fresh, flavorful lunch. Just chop up a few hard-boiled eggs and mix them with mayonnaise and celery to create an easy sandwich spread.
  4. Egg White Omelet. Eggs are fairly healthy, but their yolks are high in cholesterol. Remove the egg yolk and prepare an omelet as you normally would using just the whites for a healthier breakfast that’s perfect for low-cholesterol diets.

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R.G. Canning Flea Market

August 27, 2014 2:00 pm

The Rose Bowl
Sunday, September 14th, 2014
The world's most unusual flea market. Featuring over 2,500 vendors and 20,000 buyers each month, the Flea Market is celebrating over 45 years of continued success at the world famous Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. If you come to shop or just browse you will truly enjoy the experience.

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Closed on Labor Day

August 26, 2014 7:41 pm

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